The Priory of South Australia is part of the oldest Order of Chivalry. It is affiliated with OSJ Malta.  There are about 1200 members of OSJ Malta spread over Europe, the Americas and Australia. The Order is an ecumenical Order of Chivalry.  …..    Read more

Upcoming Events

        3 December 2021 Christmas Dinner at Kooyonga Golf Club. Bring evidence of vaccination and login with QR code..



Click on a photo to see it in full size and read about it.

Click on a photo to see it in full size and read about it.

Motto and emblem of the Order

Banners of the Order

Christchurch, North Adelaide

Regalia of the Order

Mary Potter Hospice

Prior of South Australia


Easter Message from Lt Grand Master 2021

Easter Message from the Prelate

Imagine what the early Christians must have felt like on their day of baptism. They had prepared for this day for two or three years. They had received teaching, undergone questioning. And now, the morning of Easter Day, the day of baptism finally arrived. It would have been a busy morning, a morning filled with excitement, a morning when their growth in faith was to be recognized, their commitment to Christ being made, their membership of Christ’s Body, the Church, made real, a morning when new clothes symbolised the beginning of their new life in Christ.

How unlike the first Easter morning!   Read more


Archivist Report to the Grand Priory Council Meeting on 26 February 2021

Dame Mary Lewis OAM CJSJ, Grand Priory Archivist

Early in 2020 the Grand Prior requested me to maintain and update the history of the Order as a follow-on to the work Fifty Years of the Order of St John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller in Australasia.1968 – 2018. That document was presented to the Grand Priory Council on 1 March 2019 …Read more


Prior Tony Woods CJSJ comments:

I hope our dames & knights are all well and getting back to seeing family and friends now the restrictions due to COVID-19 have been eased. There is no doubt it has been a very difficult time for many, …Read more


Chevalier The Reverend Dr Carl Aiken comments: We have been living in a different season. There has been much written and commented about regarding how people have been coping with the effect of COVID 19. At the beginning of the pandemic …Read More